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Answers to commonly asked questions about the GoBlendy - Portable Blender.
Please look at our beginner video:
How to activate GoBlendy

1. Make sure your blender is charged for at least 2-3 hours, and please do not charge overnight as it is not recommended.
2. Make sure to shut the lid correctly. You can tell it's properly shut when the indicator lights up with red and blue, meaning it's ready.
3. The next step is to turn it on by simply clicking the button twice!
4. You can turn it off by clicking it once. 
5. We recommend that you place the hard solid at the bottom of the cup, followed by placing chopped fruits on top of it. Everyone finds more success this way because the ice gets blended last.
6. Please make sure the liquid is at least up to the 300ml mark especially when blending hard solids.
7. Make sure the fruit is not overloaded until it's above the liquid.
8. When it comes to advanced blending- you can start off by tilting your blender 90degree first, allowing the blades to meet the solid slowly before turning it completely 180 degree.
9. Also, make sure your ice isn't huge, as that is an issue for any blenders.